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Renewable Energy Forecasting

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Renewable energy forecasting

Renewables will power the future, yet they will also increase power imbalances on the electricity grid due to nature’s erratic behavior. As the share of green energy is steadily overtaking nuclear power and fossil fuels, Intrimm supports energy utility companies by predicting the volume of solar and wind energy its customers will produce. This has led to a steep decrease in corresponding financial losses and a more balanced power grid.

Automated but distinctive predicitions

Few things are as complex as forecasting renewable energy production due to its dependence on weather phenomena. The combination of large wind and solar plants with large numbers of small consumer installations only adds to this complexity.

The flexibility and scalablility of our AutoML platform allows us to forecasts such energy production targets with very little human intervention.

  • Forecasting B2C energy offtake

    To alleviate energy grid imblances and improve cost effectiveness of our customers, we enhance the publicly available synthetic load profiles with our own data and machine learning solutions.

  • Forecasting wind turbine production

    Intrimm's software has proven to be successful in delivering robust predictions of wind turbine power production.

  • Forecasting solar energy production

    Whether it is a singular solar panel or an entire solar farm, our machine learning solutions enriched with high precision weather data make accurate solar energy production forecasting possible.

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