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Energy market trading

Intrimm has managed to exert its research to the successful construction and deployment of a market forecasting framework, leading to boosted revenue and laying down a path to international energy trading. The strength of this project lies in the automated self-improvement of the underlying data model.

Kinds of forecasts

The energy sector contains a multitude of markets. From gas to power markets, from local to international markets, from intraday to spot to future markets. Each element requiring its own AI solution.

Our autonomous machine learning platform is perfectly suited for processing, modeling and forecasting within those entities.

  • Data intake & preprocessing

    We continue to expand the autonomous data preprocessing, cleansing and feature building possibilities of Xtract, our custom ETL-tool.

  • Automated modeling

    The Intrimm AutoML platform has the capability to autonomously build, train and tune different kinds of models. Following CI/CD practices, the system is improved by every project at hand.

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