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Building a powerful AutoML platform

Most companies involved in machine learning applications will fail to integrate real AI in their products, as humans are still a necessary part of the classical product development phase. Intrimm goes beyond the use of artificial intelligence merely as a buzzword and actively automates the design, construction and self-learning capabilities of its software. This central internal project aims to establish a self-contained AI-platform, combining human-deprived AI-development with a suitable auto-scaling hardware infrastructure. Its purpose is to completely take the human out of the loop.

Automated data processing

Data processecing can be a time consuming process. We continue to build more and more automation into our ETL-platform, Xtract.

Automated model selection

The Intrimm AutoML platform supports an ever increasing number of machine learning model types. The platform uses state-of-the-art search algorithms to train and tune its models automatically.

Deep learning on GPUs

Combining distributed data processing and GPU-accelerated hardware, the AutoML platform is capable of selecting and training different model types with high speed, especially deep neural networks.