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Forecasting Losses on the Power Grid

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When distributing electrity via the power grid, some of the energy will get lost due to physical properties of the materials and mechanisms which make up the grid. The losses depend mainly on the conductors, the current and the distance from power producer to consumer. While analytical models to estimate the incurred power losses exist, the complex nature of the electricity grid limit the utility of these. Especially environmental variability and other external factors are generally not reckoned with. 

When balancing the load of the energy grid, i.e. production and consumption, one needs to account for the incurred energy losses. To reduce costs and enable other financial advantages, large enterprises handling an extensive portfolio of entities in energy have the need for accurate forecasting of the losses within the subgrid they are operating on.

Intrimm has managed to outperform the models used by such large enterprises, utilizing a fully data-driven approach, eliminating the need for expert knowlegde.