Harensesteenweg 230.2.13, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

About Us


Building Autonomous AI

As Intrimm’s roots lie within the financial world, the development of market forecasters remains core business. However, it aims to further deploy its algorithmic backbone to renewable energy production and consumption forecasting, automated data modeling and other promising applications.

Evidently, with developments in the field accelerating continuously, Intrimm also provides services to those parties with a strong need for complex, performant models, including insights into the respective hardware resources necessary to achieve these goals. In all efforts, pragmatism, professionalism, efficiency and transparency are key.

Our history

Intrimm started out by analyzing and forecasting both energy and financial time series in the energy market.

Our mission

Our mission is to broaden the impact of AI on different applications by embedding generic pattern recognizers in non-intelligent systems, by enhancing existing self-learning frameworks and to invent new kinds of fully autonomous AI.

Who we are

We are a complementary group of engineers with a passion for efficiency, automation, coding, technological advancements and the energy market.

Meet the Team


Sander Castermans

Data Scientist

Bart Anrijs

Founder / Engineer

Stijn Lenaerts

Founder / Manager

Luc Michiels

Senior Software Engineer

Wim Wouters

Solutions Architect